Book The Wunderwaffe Charlotte and/or HP for keynote speeches, talks and workshops. Like it has been done by organizers of creative meetings/festivals in Lisbon, New York, Sao Paulo, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Batumi (Georgia), San Francisco, Beijing, Sofia, Barcelona…and on the Queen Mary 2.

Available topics

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Luerzer’s Archive Preview.

If you read Luerzer’s Archive you know the Cannes Lions Winners a year before they are awarded. 
The LUERZER’S ARCHIVE PREVIEW-shows with the content of the very next issue of Luerzer’s Archive – not yet printed, live on stage. The Wunderwaffe presents the hottest ideas, the freshest campaigns and explains some behind-the-scenes-information. Very inspiring 60 to 90 minutes for creatives and people whose business run on fresh creative blood.


The Mental Red Button.

What is the secret behind successful campaigns? Why does some marketing work incredibly well, other fails? The MENTAL RED BUTTON by The Wunderwaffe opens your eyes and your brain to find the way to the heart of your audience. 
Lots of inspiring examples, clips, campaigns. 90 minutes know-how-transfer.


A thing worth doing is worth overdoing.

Our god, Howard Luck Gossage, worked with the philosophy of Overdoing. Believing in the intelligence of the consumers. In their humor. And in the principle that crazy is not crazy enough, fast is not fast enough and so on. The lady he married was married when Howard first met her. To Richard Burton. Got it?
Charlotte Bufler shows how much fun and success you can have living the Gossage-philosophy. Even at the age of 25.
A highly motivating journey of 40 – 60 minutes by a barely legal young creative.



Is it possible that you have ideas following a plan? Following recipes? To HP’s own surprise - it is. 
The Wunderwaffe shows how. With lots of fresh and creative examples. 
Best as a workshop that lasts three, better four hours with 10 to 27 participants


Female creative power.

Of course there is a decent gender debate in the creative community. This presentation, powered by the Archive of Luerzer’s Archive, shows breathtaking examples of creative work, done by female leaders or teams. From Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, from Hamburg to New York. Is the question „Done by male or female creatives“ any important to anyone? Yes. Because we all need heroes. For young (female) creatives as the last motivational kick in their butts. 60 minutes.


The incredible creative magic of Sao Paulo.

Why is Luerzer’s Archive full of incredible creative work made in Sao Paulo? Who are the leading creatives in this city? What is the magic drink they enjoy? Why do some people call Sao Paulo “creative capital of the world“? The Wunderwaffe has produced a Luerzer’s Archive Special Issue Sao Paulo. Showing lots of Brazilian creativity and giving a lot of insights of this epicentre of colours, joy and ideas. 60 to 90 minutes.