A surprising and unstoppable combination. The power and spirit and curiosity and street-cred of a young visual creative Rocket combined with the power and psychological wisdom of a creative Silverback, trained in market-experience through countless fights on small and big brands.

Family, Friends & Co-Workers:

Stefan Sagmeister (God)

Natascha Benke (Marketing, Cash)

Sarah Glock (Client Service)

Markus Rindermann (Art, Editorial)

Alex Damianovic (Art, Retouching)

Max Berger (Art, Illustration)

Yannik Broehl (Digital, Art)

Ziska Thalhammer (Photo, Art, Digital)

Florian Seidel (Director, Film)

Tom Batoy (Music, Sound)

Franca Hoyer (Film, Photo, Editing)

Claudia Klein (Illustration)

Karin Osenberg (Copy)